Who is Miss Pickles?
I do admire other erotic authors who choose not to hide behind pen names and pseudonyms, but I’m afraid I’m not one of them! I’m not the sort of person that would publicly talk about, let alone write about, this sort of thing, so I’d rather no one knew I was capable of such things! All I can say is that I’m 23 years old and that I live in a quiet, leafy town in the South West of England. I’ve called myself ‘Felicity’ because I look very similar to the English actress Felicity Kendal from the 1970’s sitcom ‘The Good Life’. Perhaps my American readers will not be familiar with this show, but if you love anything particularly ‘English’, I think you will find it quite wonderful!

The Pickle style!
I know there’s an awful lot of erotic writing out there at the moment, and I certainly wouldn’t be adding to it if I didn’t think I had something worth offering. As a reader of erotic fiction myself, I often feel let down by storylines that are totally unbelievable. Therefore, in my own writing I try as hard as possible to make sure that doesn’t happen. Obviously, when dealing with fantasies of any kind, belief must be suspended to a certain extent… but I’ve always felt more turned on by erotica that you can really feel, really believe.
   Another thing I really enjoy is juxtaposing the most filthy, kinky sex with the most charming, likeable characters! In other words, I write the kind of stuff Mary Poppins might have written had she turned to erotic writing instead of magically assisted nannying! I personally don’t want to read about non-consensual sex, nor anything particularly violent or cruel; I just want to read about lovely people having splendidly depraved sex! What could be better!?

Review a Pickle!
If the sound of all that tickles your pickle, please free to try my first book ‘Her Convenience’! It would be wonderful to hear what you think of my work (good or bad), and if you could take the time to write a little review, you would make Miss Pickles most happy!